Stump Grinding

stump grinder  (1).png

Stump grinding is done with a specially designed machine, and it can cut/grind the stump into small wood chips. The chips can either be left for the homeowners use or can be removed for a fee.


Once a tree is removed rather than trying to pull out the stump or dig it out of its location, grinding the stump down below the surface tends to be the more practical means of dealing with it. Standard stump grinding depths are 12-14” below the surface of the stump. The most common reasons to remove a stump from your yard are to improve aesthetics or to re-landscape the area by replacing it with sod, a garden, or a new tree.


Here at All Around Arbor Tree Service we have the necessary high-end equipment to get the job done right. Stump grinding is one of our specialties. If you are in need a stump grinding give us a call and we will provide you with an estimate.