Tree removal portland 

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Living in the Pacific Northwest we are surrounded by trees, so sooner or later we will be faced with having to remove a tree for some reason or another. Whether it is disease or just a need for more space, we have the experience to know when a tree should be removed and the ability to do it safely with surgical precision.

Storms and high winds are notorious for damaging and bringing down trees. Our climbers are specially trained to handle these kinds of situations using all of the latest rigging tools and techniques. When necessary, we’ll bring in a crane to increase safety and productivity. When nature strikes – trust your job to All Around Arbor.

We know our stuff. Once we had three years experience in the field, we took and passed a 200-item test for which we had to learn how to identify trees, leaves, diseases, and more. With this knowledge, we can properly diagnose the problem with your tree, whether it is a disease or maybe simple old age. If you would like to save the tree but feel it is past saving let us make the final determination. It could be that the tree needs a good pruning and a little bit of time. Be aware that all who carry a chainsaw and have ropes are not as educated or as skilled, you may end up losing more trees than you need to.

RESidential and commercial clients

We can remove the trees for individual homeowners as well as large commercial concerns. We work with property management companies and make sure that their office parks, apartment complexes, and shopping centers have the healthiest trees possible. Here’s a brief list of the types of client we work for:

  • Property Management Groups

  • Municipalities

  • Banks

  • Schools

  • Golf Courses

  • Office Parks

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Multi-Home Developments

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