Tree Removal

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All Around Arbor Tree Service is highly experienced in tree removals. Since we started in 2006, we have been successfully removing trees of all different sizes. Our expertise and high-quality equipment allows us to remove trees safely in tight spaces with technical skills needed to do it successfully.

Removing trees in residential areas can be very difficult due to the proximity of other homes. Many times, trees are planted without understanding how much space the mature tree will need once they are fully grown to continue a healthy life. Trees can also become diseased which will require a removal to avoid hazardous conditions. All of our arborists are seasoned and well educated in their field and can give you an honest assessment on whether your tree can be saved or if it requires a removal.


We have also built strong partnerships with many reputable crane companies to help us take down very large trees in tricky areas.


Within the Portland Metro area there are many city regulations surrounding tree removals and replants varying from city to city. All Around Arbor is knowledgeable about the permit process and will handle that headache for you with no upcharge. We only charge what the city charges us.


If you have any questions surrounding the health and integrity of your tree, or if you just want to remove a tree, please don't hesitate to give us a call.