Tree Trimming

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Tree trimming is the process of removing or shortening limbs on a tree. We recommend routine pruning or trimming about ever 3rd year. If limbs die, we remove them to help the overall health of the tree while improving the safety around the tree. Tree Pruning can also be done for pure aesthetic reasons in order to achieve a certain shape or to improve symmetry. It can also let more light onto your property. Pruning / Trimming can improve the safety, health, and appearance of your tree. Landscape trees are a bit different. They require much more upkeep and a much higher level of care to maintain their appearance and keep their integrity. They are in a less natural environment than a forest.


Here at All Around Arbor Tree Service we will have an experienced team member determine

what type of trimming is necessary for your specific type of tree. Improper pruning can cause damage that may not heal and can last for the tree's lifetime. In the worst-case scenario, significantly shorten the tree's life. If you have a tree that needs pruning/trimming, give us a call at 503-433-5907 and we will set up an estimate to determine your needs