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Here at All Around Arbor Tree Service Portland we have invested in the highest quality, top of the line equipment. We have the most professional staff to make sure we get the job done right the first time. You don't have to worry about accidents because our team is super cautious, plus we're licensed and insured. It is our goal to provide you with the best tree service experience possible. When it comes to tree service in Portland OR, we can take on a job of any size. With over 50 years of combined experience across 17 employees. There is no project that we can't handle when it comes to tree removal, tree pruning, or stump grinding. If you have a tree service project that needs attention, then give us a call and we'll have a team out to your location ASAP to take care of it! Thank you for choosing All Around Arbor, the best Tree Service In Portland.

Founded in 2006 in Portland, Oregon, All Around Arbor is a locally owned and operated Tree Care Company. Our teams of professional arborists are held to a higher standard that is evident in the skill and professionalism they bring to every job.

We are a high level Tree Service Company based out of Portland OR that can handle any size of project, large or small. We provide the highest quality Tree Service in Portland, Tree Pruning in Portland, Tree Removal In Portland, Tree Trimming in Portland, and Stump Grinding in Portland. 

Safety Is Top Priority: We take safety seriously and are insured to protect the homeowner's property and our employees.

We Focus On Quality: We like to earn our customers trust through doing a great job each and every time. We make sure to focus on quality while we are on the tree service job. We will even stay extra time and at no extra charge to make sure that everything is done correctly. We are not finished until you are fully satisfied with our work.

We value the relationships we have built over the last 12 years we've been in business and try to provide over the top service to our customers every time. We make sure to clean up completely after every tree service job in Portland. There are too many companies that don't do that and it gives our industry a bad reputation. We make sure to strive above that and set an example for our industry that far exceeds everyone else. 





Tree Trimming

Tree pruning is the process of removing or shortening limbs on a tree. In our industry, its common that limbs will need pruning so that they don’t harm our homes. If limbs die, we remove them to help the overall health of the tree while improving the safety around the tree. Tree Pruning can also be done for pure aesthetic reasons in order to achieve a certain shape, improve symmetry, or let more light into your property. The following are a few major types of tree pruning. Pruning / Trimming can improve the safety, health, and appearance of your tree.  Even though nature's trees do fine with nature's pruning, landscape trees are a bit different. They require much more upkeep and a much higher level of care to maintain their appearance and keep their safety. This is because they are in a less natural environment than a forest.

Here at All Around Arbor Tree Service Portland we can have an experienced team member determine what type of pruning is necessary for your specific type of tree. Improper pruning can cause damage that will not heal and last the tree's lifetime or in the worst case scenario, significantly shorten the tree's life. If you are interested in learning more details about our tree trimming service, then click the button below and it will take you to the tree trimming/pruning Portland page. If you have a tree that needs pruning/trimming, give us a call at 503-433-5907 and we will have a crew come out and take care of the job.



Tree Removal


Tree removal is generally when a company is taking down problem trees from a property. Many times tree removal is really tough in residential areas with many houses around. Trees are many times planted without regard to mature tree size and become too large for their location, other times they may have died due to disease or other problems in which tree removal is necessary for safety concerns.

​All Around Arbor Tree Service Portland is ready for a tree removal no matter what the size of the job. Our expertise and high quality equipment allows us to remove trees safely with ease without damaging anything around by trees falling on houses and cars. If companies have the wrong people and equipment when working on the job it can be a disaster. Trees can fall on homes and damage property making things a nightmare. We can assure you that with our service, it is always going to be a safe work environment and nothing is ever going to go wrong while we're on the job. We will always do the highest quality work around when it comes to tree removal in Portland.

We know our stuff. Once we had three years experience in the field, we took and passed a 200-item test for which we had to learn how to identify trees, leaves, diseases, and more. With this knowledge, we can properly diagnose the problem with your tree, whether it is a disease or maybe simple old age. If you would like to save the tree but feel it is past saving let us make the final determination. It could be that the tree needs a good pruning and a little bit of time. Be aware that all who carry a chainsaw and have ropes are not as educated or as skilled, you may end up losing more trees than you need to.

If you have any trees that need to be removed from your property please don't hesitate to give us a call. We will send a crew out to your property immediately to take care of the job no matter what the size.

Stump Grinding

We do stump grinding with a special machine that is designed to do so. The machine has a wheel lined with carbide tipped teeth that spin at high rpm’s and can cut/grind the stump into small wood chips. 

Standard stump grinding is done about a foot below the surface of the stump. Here at All Around Arbor Tree Service Portland, we have the necessary high end equipment to get the job done right every time no matter what the size of the stump. Stump grinding is our specialty, so if you need a job done then go ahead and give us a call. 

Once a tree is removed all that is left behind is the stump. Rather than trying to pull it out or dig it out of its location, grinding the stump down below the surface tends to be the more practical means of dealing with it. Standard stump grinding depths are 12-14” below the surface. The most common reasons to remove a stump from your yard are to improve aesthetics or to re-landscape the area by replacing it with sod, a garden or a new tree.


"I am SO pleased with my experience working with All Around Arbor! I had many large trees trimmed as part of the service and the whole process from requesting a quote to completion of the work was very painless! The price was very fair and the crew who came to my home was polite and thorough. Everything took less time than I expected and the yard was left nice and clean. The trees all look great! Highly recommend!"



We Put Safety First 

"Us being in business for over 10 years has been because we are so conservative and safe with the way we practice tree service. We use industry leading safety protocols and top quality equipment to make sure that not a single one of our crew members or your property gets damaged in the process of tree removal, tree service, or tree trimming here in Portland.  Being safe is very important, and we make sure to make it our number one priority."


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